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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


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Beginner: A1


Never I had it!!! But I have see it in other people like sport friends.

Beautiful head with ginger hair. Back looks like the wall. Gargle throat is very helpful. Without arms you still can play on guitar. Five fingers on each arm. Via nose we are can feel smell and we breathing. My foots is ill and i must visit a doctor. Ears are help me listen music. I very love trampoline, love jump against gravitation. I put only good food in my mouth. I have hands for piano. Work with a computer very tire for eyes.

People often say to me, "Break your leg!", but I've never broken my leg...!
Σ(|||▽||| )

When I was eleven years old I broke my foot during the PE lesson.

No, Inever have broken my arms or legs.

i have never broken my finger

ı have a big nose but useful :)

I think I am very lucky while I never broke neither my legs nor my arms. But one time I was in a Concert of Ramstein, jumping jumping jumping. Und next day my left knee hurt. it was not broken but seit then , by bad weather I feel my knee in a strange way.

In my life, i also have never brocken an arm, leg or anything else

I never broken my arm or leg.