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Clothes 1

Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


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I like to wear comfortable clothes.
in winter, I wear trousers and a jumper or coat
in summer, I wear a skirt and top

I enjoy wearing jeans & tops or T-shirts and flat sandals. But most working days I wear I prefer to wear gowns with pockets and flat loafers.

The website seemed good to me since it can identify the different garments although it was complicated in the jumper and coat part.

We use to make suitable dressing based on the occasion cloth to be worn is varied from home to work ..etc.
people use to ware shorts and even under ware only while sitting home.
dress code is quite strict in work places, for office work full suite with tie or shirt with tie is must while no T-shirt or denim trousers/jeans is acceptable.
filed works if it is work shops hard cap, gloves and coverall to be worn along with safety shoes.
of course in winter need to keep our bodies worm that is why either we have wear sweaters over T-shirts (made up of wool) or sweater shirt which made up of cotton but it has to be worn over shirt or T-shirt.
women use to ware trousers at home or works or top as well and jackets in winter or even coats.
T-shirts with denim trousers or jeans are worn in hangout, walking or even special occasions, hat is always to protect hour head from sun

Hi, the most dressing I use to wear is varied typically up to occasion and place. work place we have to adhere to work regulation no jeans, T-shirt, hat, only we are requested to wear trousers with shirt and jacket as well with tie and there is no specific dress code for our department while some employees has to follow their own line managers instructions or department dress code requested by the clients.
sport shoes/running shoes are not allowed however in winter sweater-shirt/sweaters/jackets are allowable, for ladies trousers/shirts only are allowed, top, jumpers are not allowed.
in our have our own national dress which is nice, comfortable called JALABIAH along with piece of cloth kept surround head while women are using other dress called TOOB.

On the tops I like to wear most t-shirt when is warm and sweatshirt of t-shirt when is cold. When is really cold I put jacket, scarf and hat. I usually don't wear shirt and jumper because I don't like it. I prefer casual clothes. On the bottoms I like to wear most jeans.

The cloth the most I like to wear is trouser and T-shirt because I like to wear free style.


Hello admins,
I often hear "running/ jogging/ walking shoes" and "sneakers" instead of "trainers". Are they different??

Hello Rafaela1,

'sneakers' and 'trainers' mean the same thing, but the first is American English and the second is British English.

As far as I know (I'm not a runner), 'running shoes' and 'jogging shoes' are the same kind of shoe; for most people, 'jogging' and 'running' are the same thing, though for some 'jogging' refers to a kind of slower-paced running, whereas running is a more general term that can include jogging plus faster running.

'walking shoes' in theory could be a bit different from running or jogging shoes, though I expect they are quite similar in many ways.

Hope that helps you make sense of it!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team