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Clothes 2

Do the exercises to learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


We were talking about indian traditional wear yesterday and i saw sari here this morning.

A sari traditional dresses for Indian people.

I like wear a suit.

ı like to headscarf, colored socks and skirt

During my work i have to wear white, a trouser, shirt and a coat. So i hate this color during my free time. There i often wear jeans and a jumper. in summer i often wear shorts or a skirt.


In hot weather(usually in summer) I like to wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals. In cold weather(usually in winter) I like to wear tracksuits and trainers. But in my work I must use trousers, a shirt and shoes.

I like wear a suit befora going to work and in a formal situation

I like to wear a dress with high heels. socks with shoe always wear to all. i wear tracksuit at night.

I like to wear casual clothes. I hate to wear suit. Because I must wear suit at work. I look forward to be at weekend.