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Do these exercises to learn the names of colours.


Language level

Beginner: A1


My favourite colors are dark green and dark blue.

Hello, my favourite colours are green and white

my favourite colour is golden
I hate green colour but I like white and black.

I don't like bright colours like red colour.
I like dark colours better. My favorite colour is black.

Hi everbody again,
My favourite colour is blue Because of this I like to sea .My cltohes are blue ,
My shoes are blue. I can paint to blue my body if it can possible.:)

My favourite colours are white, red and pink.

my fravourite colouers are: Blue, orange, ligth green, black.

purple of course.

My favorite colour is black, so I have many clothes in this one.

hellow, my favorite colors are red and blue, because for me red is happinest and blue is serenety and peace