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Do these exercises to learn the names of colours.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I found the topic very easy since from a young age you learn colors is something very basic

Hello. I have three favorite colors: black, white and pink, I really like to wear these three colors, I think they are always perfect for any occasion

I have two favorite colors are pink and black

My favorite colour is orange. Even my wedding had all orange decoration.

I enjoyed the colours. My favourite colours are write and blue. When I lived in my country I used to wear write.

Colors are most attractive things in our life because it always one of major visual communication language in our day life colors are reflecting our modes like happiness, sadness ..etc .
I like purple, white, and green colors

My favorite color is green, I feel fresh and cool whenever I see green color.

My favorite colours are white and green

My Favourite colour pink , red

This year, orange and green seem to be fascinating!