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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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Beginner: A1


Where I live, people usually have breakfast with milk or coffee plus a glass of juice or water.
Beer and wine are pretty popular drinks too but you are allowed to drink them only if you are an adult and you will only drink them when you go out with your friends. Maybe you can also drink a glass of wine accompanying dinner.

In Egypt, we usually have tea after almost each meal.
Some people have coffee in the morning and others have milk.
We don't drink beer or wine, as they are not allowed,
however, there are some people drink beer and wine.
I like to drink milk each morning, have tea after lunch and juice after supper.

In my country, people drink tea, coffee, cola, water, orange juice, milk , lemonade. My favourite drinks are coffee, water, hot chocolate, milkshake, salep, chocolate milk.

In my country, the normal drinks are tea, coffee, juice, and soft drinks, the beer and wine are not allowed.

Where I live people drink various beverages, for example, people drink a lot of coffee but also people drink tea or chocolate.
People drink a lot of beer in the evening but they also drink wine.
I like to drink chocolate, tea, beer and wine.

In my country, green tea is one of the most popular drinks. They also like coffee and some people drink it every morning. I like them too and often enjoy having milk tea.

In my country, the people drink coffee almost everyday. They like drink beer, juice and soda. But I love drink a coffee brazilian. It's delicious.

hello us in france your favorite drink is coffee and lime c chocolate and finally the milkcheak :)

In Russia, very popular drinks are coffee, tea and various fizzy drinks.
I like to drink coffee every morning and tea the rest of the time.

The people where I live drink water, I like the or milk