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Everyday objects

Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I work with a computer every day and I need to wear glasses to avoid my eyes getting tired.
I use a wallet to carry my money and credit cards.
Sometimes I lose my keys and have to look for them around my house to be able to go out.
I can not imagine my daily life without my smartphone. It is just like another part of my body.

I noticed I didn't have my card with me at the time of payment....
I came back later. ;(

When i go out, I put a backpack on and sunglasses.
Also, i carry my phone and never use wallets i don't know why?

I carry my mobile phone...., wait a minute, .... I think it's a smartphone.
Which is which??
Do you guys know the difference??

I think the difference is that you can do more things with a smartphone than with a phone. A smartphone is like a computer that allows you to call somebody else among many other things such as sending messages or browsing the internet.

When I go out, I carry my wallet, purse, and my mobile phone. I'm a student so I don't need a briefcase.

Recently, I don't carry a purse, because I rarely use cash. ;)

When I go out, I carry my mobile phone, wallet, keys, backpack, sunglasses.

When you go out, I take with me my laptop, my mobile phone, my wallet, my briefcase to keep my documents, my car keys, and especially my glasses I can't read without them.

When I go out to work I often carry several things.I carry a rucksack to store a notebook, a folder, pens, pencils, a wallet, a cell phone, house keys and glasses.

I also carry a comb, toilet paper, a small mirror and some fruit in my backpack.