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Food in Britain 1

What do people eat in the UK? Do these exercises and learn words for some common foods in Britain.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Every morning I eat bread,butter and I put the jam or chocolate on the bread and I drink a coffee.
On the lunch I made a very delicious pasta.
On the night I made in dinner some sandwiches with fried eggs, cheese and salad.
Actually I don’t like beans and porridge but I like chips very much.
In Tunisian we eat often couscous and this is our traditional food we can made it with fish or meat or vegetables.

I like balanced Food between meat and vegetables.

I LOVE eating all of them.

I eat more healthy food such as salad, cereal, cheese, beans.

i eat egg and bread breakfast but usually eat rice for dinner and for dinner often eat salad and yogurt.

I like to eat fried eggs, salad, beans, jam and bread. Usually eat fruit salad or big pieces of season fruits too in the Breakfast.

I usually eats bread, eggs, cheese and salad. Sometimes I eat pasta, jam, cereal, chips, and fried eggs. I don't like eating beans, butter and porriage.
I always eats corn flour with milk.

I eat beans , egg , bread and cheese . also, I love eat rice and chicken

I eat eggs, cheese , salad, beans. I don't like junk food. I used to eat bread With jam and butter. I love eat healty

I eat a lot of bread, because I love bread. Also, I eat fried eggs, butter, beans, chips, jum, cereal and many salads. In my house, I like eat meat, fish and chicken with rice.