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Food in Britain 1

What do people eat in the UK? Do these exercises and learn words for some common foods in Britain.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I have never eaten cheese; basically, I do not eat or drink dairy products. They say a big lie to people that they are essential for the body due to being the great source of calcium. But they do not say to people when we heat them we kill the most useful enzymes that are necessary to absorb the calcium. For instance, when you drink a glass of milk, your body takes calcium from your bones to digest it. Food and medicine industry both are under political and economical governments policies. They make pain and then sell medicine or supplement to you.

I like to eat all these foods, not all these at the same time of course. I do not eat porridge at all but I like it just it is not my food pages.

I eat eggs, salad, fried eggs, cheese. Sometimes I eat porridge for breakfast. I like boiled food, vegetables and fruits.

I usually eat bread, eggs, salads, chips and cheese. I occasionally eat fried eggs, jam, butter and beans. I like to eat boiled meat, grilled meat and baked meat. I use to eat hot milk with coffee and honey bee instead of sugar for breakfast.

I eat pasta and rice and meat and chicken .
I like jam and egg and pasta

I eat pasta , cheese beans. And I also like to eat rice, meat chicken

I like pasta, salad and cheese, in our country we have a delicious meal it called Couscous which prepared which cereal and tomato sauce and meat or fish

I eat a lot of pasta even my favourite food is pasta but I eat everything only food nothing but I m nonvegetarian that's why I don't eat non-veg fish, omelettes.

Hi Everbody,
I eat beans, fried egg and pasta. I usually eat healty foods. I drink herbal tea. Unfortunately,our conurty's people eat fastfood. They discount themself .I am thinking what they will do when they will be old. this day's slogan is EAT HEALTY. have a nice evening.

I eat healthy food, for example egg and porridge for breakfast, pasta for lunch and salad for dinner! And I like fruit: bananas, apple and orange.