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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for talking about holidays.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Sometimes I do travel, attend picnic, go camping, make a visit or keep myself retreated.

When I was young and I traveled with my family, we often changed our plans. My parents brings us to campsites where we slept in a tent, or we also sometimes take plane to travel in hotels (I know we were very lucky childrens). In my firsts holidays with friends we usually go camping in differents campsites. Nowadays, as I am a adult, I like to travel in Airbnb's flats in Europe or to go in my Grandma's flat in the south. Honestly, in the holidays, I mostly stay around my place where there are parks. My favourite activity is obvisouly to walk in the street and eat, wherever I'm in my city or when I travel.

We usually go to picnic in the holidays. We go on foot in the forest, walk and looking for mushrooms. We light a fire near to water spring and sit around the fire. We burn something for eating on the fire and I like to make tea on this fire. The the happiest is my daughter and our dog.

usually, I stay at home and cleaning it.

I spend my weekend at home with family,makes fun each other.

In the holiday I ussually go somewhere to rest, for example I go to The Sea or lake or another place where is nature with beautifull views and water because I like water and I love swimming.

In holidays sometimes i go to Quito with my family to visit my aunt and her sons, when i arrive Quito, we go to meet another places in Quito for example the museums, but other times we just go to the mall or cinema, and for me this is really bored, i love to meet new places that i never see or listen in my life, but i like to spend time with my family. No all of my holidays i go to Quito, some days i just stay in my hause with no activities to do, in this case i go to a course to learn something, the last year i learn to play the guitar and this is my favorite hobbie.
Other days with my best friends go to a park or another place to talk, eat or do something intresting and funny.

Holidays are very important for people to relax, relieve pressure and work stress and break routine.
week ends are great opportunity to do so and at least to get in touch with family members and have fun with each others and plan for picnic out side parks or desert make grilling or barbecue..
Vacation or long leave can be used for camping or travel to remote areas

we usually speak and play when we go to picnic .

Hi people, I am from Venezuela.When I go on holidays , I Usually go to the beach with my family. We are often staying in a hotel, we rest and enjoy in the pool and beach. If I were you, I would go on holidays many times in the year.