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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for talking about holidays.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi there
I'm Farhan.I live in Bangladesh.Last time I went to visit one of the most wonderful place in our country.Its the most famous forest in my country .That was really a fantastic experience in my entire life .I stayed at a hotel over there.Overall I enjoyed it a lot .

I live in Oman with my husband, every summer we take one month off.
We travel to our country Tunisia for vacation,So we prepare our suitcases with gifts to the family.
We reserve our tickets and we take a hotel before traveling.
We stay two days in Muscat the city of a Oman and go to the shopping.
After a few hours before flight we go to the airport and take our passport and we wait our plane with our baggages.

Honestly, during holidays I am still at home lying on bed with a subscription to Netflix but for the first time, I went to Sweden during last holidays. It was amazing, I visited the Nobel Prize museum and Vasa meseum. Stockholm is a great city but also expensive for at least. Anyway I am happy to experience that.

in gilan city many people with their families go to the park in weekend. but most people that have car go to the anzali beach or caspian sea. free zone anzali is crowded palce in friday and thursday. there is traffic because passengers comes from tehran and other city.lahijan teas museum or anzali kings museum need you buy ticket for entrance permission. but jungle and beach are free. maybe that is why there is full of rubbish. we welcome to tourists and passengers and ask they respect to our environment and culture

I was in Puerto escondido Oaxaca Mexico, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico, people from Oaxaca is charming and reliable, the sea has a beautiful color. I have visited my family in Guanajuato also visited Mexico City the blue Friday kalho house in coyoacan and guadalaja a Jalisco with the most beautiful women Eyes I have seen in my life, the most regarding of jobs are vacations now I am here again in ciudad Juarez chihuahua best regards

Hello there,
When I was younger I used to go to the sea every summer. The isle of Ré on the west coast of France was my favorite spot.
Nowadays , I stay home and watch other people stuck in traffic jams on tv ;)
I also take time to experience new things, such as taking dance or djembe lessons.

It depends on our budget and time. Picnic, see the relatives, travelling, amusement park, and so on.

I normaly spent my holiday with my boyfriend.
We like to travel in the world, for example last holiday was in Barcelona.
We usually move by plain and we stay in hotel.
Once there we visit the city, the most famous museums and monuments.
We also love eating in local restaurants and learning about local traditions.
In the end, if the hotel provides for it between one visit and the other
we relax on the beach or by the swimming pool.

I am living near the beach, then in holidays I like to go there. I like to visit other countries too if I can.

In my holidays, I usually use my suitcase to carry my clothes and other things important. Then, I buy a ticket for travel on bus and to know new places. I love travels.