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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for talking about holidays.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


holidays emm its not very different from another seasons for me
but usually i with my family go to shopping and other places...and sometimes i went to my friends home but most of time i stayed at home...

Holidays are great. it depends on how long is it; if it is short I usually go on a picnic with my family or relatives, but if it is longer I prefer to go to a countryside, beach, forest or places which I have not seen before.

I usually visit my relatives and go to the countryside to a natural campsite, but the last holidays I used the time to studied and repair my house.

Usually, every summer I go to the beach.

On holiday i usually go to hotel or sometimes i do picnic

Hi everbody.
I usually go to in datça. I went to twice in there. İt looks like paradise.

I lovely holidays! Usually I plan them in advance. It may be travelling or rest at home! My favourite holiday - New Year and Christmas. The atmosphere in he city is unreal.

On holidays i am usually at home and rarely i go to my family’s house and sometimes i travel with my friends.

In holidays, I with my family love travel and meet new sites outside from city, sometimes we travel to the beach, Pacific Ocean, or to the mountains , Andean Cordillera.

I always sleep in my holidays :) and i travel.