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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about your home.


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Beginner: A1


Usually the most time I spend in my bedroom. That's way a I constantly make it cozier)

My favourite places are balcony and living room. Especially I spend a lot of at balcony in summer. I smoke in there . I can watch the view by the time I dream future

I like spending the most time in the living room. So I have opportunity to rest, work or communicate.

Hello everyone
Most of the time i’m at home and i’m studying english for ielts test .I live alone so i spend most of my time in living room and study english in there .At nights i watch TV and cook dinner in the kitchen .

Hello every one. I like to spend most of the time in my bedroom to get relax especially when I want to be alone to concentrate on the daily routine instructions and study but I prefer to be in the living room watch TV there , sit and talk to my parents.

I spend the most time in my bedroom.

I spend the most time in the bedroom, here I rest and study.

I spend the most time in the bedroom. i sleep overthere,rest, play game and surfing in internet.

Notice: I am retired so I do not work outside the home

Time I spent at home, daily average:

In the bedroom about 9 hours, sleeping or reading
In the bathroom approximately 1 hour, shower in the morning and others
In the kitchen about 2 hours, breakfast, lunch, dinner and put the cutlery in the dishwasher
In my particular desk about 3 hours, studying English with my computer.
In the living room at night, approximately 4 hours, watching television, news, movies, etc.
The rest of the time 5 hours approximately, housework, go shopping, go for a walk or visit friends and relatives.

We do not have a garden.

I like spend the most time in the garden .