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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about your home.


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Beginner: A1


Every day I am in my bedroom for most time to sleep and work, I got my private time in my bedroom because I don't want anyone to disturb me while I do anything.
And in the afternoon I usually got my refreshing time in the garden with my family and my dogs.

most of the time i spend my time in my bedroom

Most of the time, my family are watching TV in living room.

And you?? You told us about your family. What about you. Where do YOU spend most of time in your flat (house, apartment)

Actually, most of the time I spend my time in the living room too. Most of Iranian families that live in flat ,do it too .

Thank you for your answer. But you would go out more.

I spend the most time in my bedroom, sleeping, watching tv, surfing in the internet...

It's good than your living room is comfortable, but do you go out? It is more useful for you ))

Oh! And you are enjoying the Cup of World in your country?

Thank you for your question... Of course I am enjoying the football. There are many people from different country come here. The streets are full people.They sing songs and laugh. Everyone are happy. Welcome to Russia, to Moscow)))) Good luck in learning English.