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What's the word for a bed for two people? Learn this and other words to talk about staying in a hotel with these exercises.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My last time in a hotel room is a year ago at Bali, the room where I am was good and I enjoyed the facilities are TV, small bathroom. In this room, we have twins bed for me and my pastor, our room on the second floor so we go up just by stairs because there is no lift in this hotel but it's ok.

Well, actually I was in a hostel not hotel. There're a lot of the beds and the bathrooms it was outside, separated the room. But, it was really cool, because I could meet so many people of others countries.

It was 3 years ago when I went to UK. I choose twin beds for my family. The room was comfortable with sofa, wifi, and ocean view.

The last time I stayed at a hotel was about 2 years, when I went to Natal - Brazil. It was amazing. The hotel was 5 stars and the room had a view to the sea.

The last time I stayed at a hotel was last year in September. My wife and I went to Huesca, Spain, and we stayed in a four star hotel. The room was spacious enough for us. The room had a spacious double bed and bathroom, telephone, sofa, a table and two chairs, what I remember. Also, the hotel had a lift and reception, of course. We had a good time there.

the last time I stayed in a hotel was about two years ago , it was a business travel and the hotel was new and there was a twin beds in a bedroom it was really confortable and had a very beautiful view from harbor , but the most thing that I liked it was breakfast , so many thing to choose from and you Always eat more the necessary and I got some weight .

I stayed at a hotel last month in Guam. It had twin beds, one bathroom with great ocean view.

In my last trip a few years ago, I was in Amsterdam. The Hotel room was very nice with twin beds and the bathroom had shower and bath.

I had business trip a few ears ago. My colleagues and I stopped in a hotel, when rooms haven't shower, only wash-basin and toilet. Cheapness was the only advantage of this hotel.

It was on our honeymoon in tunisia in 2013 it had a tv double bed waldrobe, bathroom with bath shower and sink waldrobe two bedside cabinets.