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Jobs 1

Learn words for different jobs in these exercises. Is your job in the list?


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I'm engineer and I used to be a teacher. Also when I was a teenager I was cleaner.


I had work in a office, my job was office worker. I'm studying a maestri and now I want to be a teacher.

I have studied accountant and for many years I worked in a bank. When I came out of my country, I left my job and I would like to study architecture and follow the art which I wanted to do. I enjoy when I create something.

When I was younger I worked as a carpenter, later in agricultural jobs(planting, harvesting, etc.) driving farm machinery when doing services to the farmers with my father, then I moved to the city to study informatics and started to work as a computer repair technician, now I work as an IT thechical support at a University and I would like to work as a software developer soon when I finish my studies.

hello im Nhi , I'm from Vietnam . i want to become a lawyer. I really like that job. I will bring justice and a happy life to everyone.

I'm a Logistician working at seaport and
specialised for taking care of containers. My job is so interesting we can move goods from Asia, Europe, America to Africa and vice versa.

I like work as engineer and company man

I am a doctor for anesthesia

I'm an engineer.It's so fantastic.