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Kitchens 1

Do these exercises to learn words for things you find in a kitchen.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


As my kitchen is quite small I only cook, wash dishes and clean the room. When I'm waiting for example the water to boil I listen music there. And of course when I come back from the market I put the food I've buy in the cupboards I have.

I do in my kitchen, cook food, prepare tea and wash dishes.
I and my family like to eat food or drink tea in the living room in front of the TV.

In my kitchen we prepare food and talk each other with family members

No, in my kitchen as Well as cooking i can talk to the family, do my homework

I cook, eat and drink there, but sometimes kitchen is a place to talks.

I have small and nice kitchen in my flat there couple of cooking stuff available things like bowl, spoons, forks, cutting knife and cooking knife, cooking pots, frying pan, cupboards for keeping plates, glass and cups, I have also electric oven and gas cooker beside fridge

I usually doesn't do cooking. but whenever I go to kitchen I prepare tea. that is it.

I usually have breakfast in the kitchen,so I drink a cup of coffee, eat some fruit on a plate and have a sandwich with butter or chocolate.
Then I prepare the lunch in my kitchen and every day I use a spoon a fork a bowl and plates to prepare food. when I finish I wash the dishes and i putting in clean things in the cupboard.

we usually buy a bottle of water when we walking in work path. my habit is eating food in front of tv.

Kitchen is used for cooking and preparing food. But people also use it for eating and meeting with family, some people do this because of the space limit in the house and other people do this because they feel comfortable about it. I use kitchen only for heating food and cooking rice, sometimes boiling egg. I buy cooked food. Long time back I also sometimes use it for cooking and preparing food: boiling, frying, stir frying, and sauteing. Before I also use it sometimes for baking and grilling. Actually I interested in cooking in general and also baking, grilling, and barbecuing. I learn a little about food and nutrition also food and health.