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Living rooms

What do you call the object that we use to control the TV? Learn this and other words for things you find in a living room by doing these exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


sofa's English is the couch. and not light called chandelier.

I usually study english. theTv is open everytime When I stay in living room But I Don't like watch TV all the time. I want to hear just voice. I rest on sofa.I Spend to time in there.

I spend very little time in living room. Usually I spend in my bedroom.

I usually study english in living room and at nights i watch tv in there.

We spend few time in the livingroom, there we have meetings with other familiar or with our guests. We wathch TV in the bedroom.

I usually watching TV in our living room and i most time spend in there :)

I usually watch TV in the living room with my brother and sister for many time and some time with my hall family.
My little sister was spent time more than me.

Hello everyone,

Our family spends several times a day in the living room to watch TV shows, to have lunch and to watch movies on the video player. Those who spend more time in the living room are my wife and me. Our daughters now study their careers.


I usually watching TV in the living room and my father is a person use TV the most. He use TV to see news and watching TV programmes.

Hello ,
I usually take a nap on sofa after lunch it is amazing ! actually noboby spend much time in the living room . bt the way i think radio device does not exist anymore