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Meals and cooking

Do these exercises and learn words to talk about meals and ways of cooking food.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I cook everyday, at least for dinner but sometimes also for breakfast and lunch as I work at home. Since some days I like to cook english breakfasts. So I like to fry eggs and mix them with some hot butter, I heat some toasts in a bread grill, I cook a small salad with tomatoes, laitue and garlic with olive's oil, and I fry some potatoes. I eat this at breakfast and drink milk coffee and orange juice. But in general I like to cook simple but good things. There are a lot of possibility. But I had to choose, I'll say that I like to fry slice oinions in some oil, then add ground beef or slices of larder, and then add rice and I cover the all with water. After 10 minutes, until all the water have make the rice cooked, I add some red beans already cooked. I add some salt and sometimes other spices. I eat this dish with mustard.

I usually eat omelette.
since I live single, only for myself cook food.

I'm a kind of a foodie. Consequently, I enjoy cooking whenever I have time!

I rarely cook it's hard to say how often is but i can say that several times per month. I usually buy some food at restaurant and eat there or take away. When I cook I usually do this only for myself or for my mother. I don't have dishes what I like preparing.

I use to cook with my wife three times a week she is use to prepare different dishes mutton curry, beef curry, mushroom soup, sea food fries things like fish grill, along with rice.
she use to make pizza in weekends if we guests along with other dishes.

I cook rarely. I cook for my family only.I prefer to make desserts. My family likes what I cook.

I cook sometimes. I cook for family more than friends. I enjoy beef.

I usually cook to my family, I boil water to make pasta, I steam some vegetables with rice, I make sandwich and i fry potatoes Every weekend I prepare roast chicken it is very delicious.
I bake a cake for breakfast.
In Tunisia the main meal of the day, usually eaten is called couscous, I enjoy preparing this dish.

I like scrumbled eggs.

i put boiling water on the cooker and then make tea . in the factory usually we use tea bag . we ate grilling meat with butter today for lunch.