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Meals and cooking

Do these exercises and learn words to talk about meals and ways of cooking food.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi sunsetlover

Glad to hear you find the exercises useful! You're right, sometimes there's more than one word that could be associated with a picture. In cases such as these, I'd suggest pressing the small audio button, which will play a recording of the word that matches the picture in the exercise. This is perhaps not an ideal solution, but does that help?

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I often cook for my family. I don't lilke acook

I often cook twice a week for my family. I enjoy cooking rice and some traditional meals I less bake

I like fried food,it's so charming..But i know it is not healthy

I rarely cook .I prefer eat food.. I can be gourmand. I trust my palate.Actually I like prepare food but I really hate wash up . My favourite food is Menemen. İt prepare so easy. I can Give a description of how to cook it. Firstly. we put a pan in the oven. After. We drain little oil or put little butter into a pan. We attach into sliced onion. we add Tomatoes and green pepper when the onion colour is being pink. We Can preferably add into black pepper, chili thyme and salt. We mix and cook its. Fİnally, We can crack one or two eggs. Food is ready for eat after three minute.Try it . Enjoy your meal.

every evening I cook food.
my favourite dish is rajma rice and chholey bhaturey.

I cook every earning the next day, because I eat healthy food!

Hello all,

I like cooking and I cook everyday for dinner.
The dish I like doing is grilled chicken with chips.

I cook no often, I enjoy cook fish and meat, for my family.

I cook sometimes. i cook for myself and my family