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Do you know what a 'cheque' is? Find out and learn other words to talk about money by doing these vocabulary exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Usually I spend most of my money for my family

I usually spend most of my money on travail and eat and supermarket

I spend most of my money on cloths, foodة studying children, transportation and communication

I spend most Money on health insurance it is really expensive but necessary , fortunate I can afford it ,

I purchase an online product by card. offline purchase product by cash.

I enjoy shopping and buying beautiful dresses, skirts and other things. But now I saving money for my dream! And ofcorseб waiting for christmas sales.

I always spen to money for food and home requirements. I can't earn enough money. I have to develop myself. I am learning englısh. I can earn more money if I can learn english to advance level.I buy it if I see my favourite foods. I even don't have much money. Fine feathers make fine birds.

I spend most of my money on food and education .

I spend most of my oney in education

“On” education