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What is the word for moving a ball with your foot? Do these exercises about words for movements and find out.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My favorite sports are cycling and swimming.

I like hiking and playing basketball.

I like run , walk , and i like ride a bicycle .. I hope in one day ride a horse ...

i like walk on the nigth, run to playing fottball, swim with my friends

I used to do Taekwondo. So I like to kick and stretch a lot. Now, I'm going to a fitness gym where I usually run on a treadmill or cycle using either an elliptical machine or stationary bicycle. I also do strength training.

I go walking once a week every sunday. It's very fun and interesting. It's also make me more relax and reduce stress. Usually, I go walking with my brother and father. We were walking around my village

As my favourite sport exercise i engages in these; walk, jump, catch and throw- activities.

My favorite sport is basketball. In this sport, I catch the ball from my teammates, then I run quickly towards the upper basket. Finally I jump in the air and throw the ball into the basket to score.

Hi Sir,

How 'Watching tv" is an action verb?
Since we use our 'sense of sight' that's why it is an action verb? Or some different reason?

Are our five senses indicates action verb??

Hi Rsb,

Verbs of perception are often stative: hear, see, smell, taste, feel.

However, we can also choose to use our senses in an active way. Watch is different from see because we choose to watch, while seeing is something that happens without an active decision. 

Sometimmes the dynamic and stative verbs for these areas are different and sometimes the same verb is used:

see - watch

hear - listen

taste - taste

smell - smell

feel - feel/touch



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