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Places in a town 1

Do these exercises and improve your vocabulary for talking about places in a town.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I usually go to the most of these places without school, castle and factory.

I going to some places from time to time like post office once I receive message or phone call to collect a package or when I am intending to send gift to my younger sister or parcel to my friend.
Last year I had member in one of the sports centers making professional body building training through different program.
generally I public transportation user as my work place was a bit far from my work place I use to take bus from bus stop near my house and get off near train station to travel for half hour till reach place near to my office.
I have visited some factories when I was in my country like sugar factory and some milk and live stock factories.

I used to go cafe.

I everyday go to bus stop and sometimes i go to bank.

I usually go to the supermarket, bank, cinema, sports centre and cafe.

How often do you go to these places?

I usually go to the bank too.

When i was a student i usually visit to library , railways station , bank ,cinema etc

When I was a student, I usually visit the library, railway station, bank, cinema, etc.

Usually I go to the library, school, sport centre, and bus stop.