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Restaurants 1

Do these exercises and learn words to talk about things in a restaurant.


Language level

Beginner: A1


No i don 't usually go to restaurant. But i like go to a big and fa mouse restaurant.

I don't will going in restaurants . i'm vegetarian . in our restaurats smaller food for vegetarians .

Mostly I sometimes go to restaurant like Lotteria, Hot pot, BBQ.

I like the italian restaurant is offer pizzas and pastas are very delicious, additionally the italian chefs pioneer of that kind.

Usually, I go to a restaurant once a week, sometimes, once a fortnight. I like typical arabic food, chinese food and fish meals.

Sometimes I go to the restaurant. I like local restaurant. Actually, I am more often go to the café than restaurant. Because I feel more comfortable in cafe.

I occasionally go to a restaurant. The dishes there is pretty expensive for me and I don't like to wait a long time just to eat. If I select a restaurant, I will select modern and clean restaurants and there are polite staff there.

I rarely come to the restaurant because I am just a student and I think it's really luxury for me to eat out. But I have a part time job and usually I make and earn my money to spend it eating in the restaurant. and the the kinds of restaurant I like best is it have to have warm space, large and make me feel at home and comfortable. The people in this restaurant like waiter or waitress is polite to their customers and have a good attitude, the foods is nice and good, particularly clean and secure.

Yes. I does. I like a modern restaurant.

I usually cook meals at home but I also go some restaurants, for example for dinner or during weekends. When I go to restaurants I often choose take away food: pizzas (but really good ones) or indian, chinese food. I really like to discover new meals from different country. I like ethiopian restaurants, and also morocco, but my favourites are french restaurants. When you travel in France it's really important to try local restaurants, there are a lot lot of different typical meals that are very different for each county.