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Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.


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Beginner: A1


My favorite subject was physics.I was alone graduated from that school.

My favorite subjects are English and science, yes, my nephew goes to art school.

I like literature, biology, physiology ,theology,language.

In school, my favourite subject is Mathematics. But now I am a university student and specialized in Mathematics. My nephew and niece go to school.

Math was my favourite subject at school and I was brilliant at it. I was always the best in my class. Yes, my cousins go to school.

My favorite subject at school was biology. It's such an interesting subject. My older sister and younger brother still go to school.

My favorite subjects is informatics and math. My younger brothers and my younger sisters still go to school.

in my family, only me go to school hhh. the subject I like best is English. I love it because it can help me a lots in my future and in my career path. Every day I learn English and I feel very happy and excited I just want to talk and chat with my friends in English. Besides that, it also helps me communicate with the foreigner visiting my country and I can use it to present them about the culture, custom, foods, tradition ... of my country. It is really essential for me to travel around the world like Europe countries, in my job,....

I think my favourite subject was french lesson, especially during high school, because when you are young in France you mostly study grammatical rules, and there are a lot in our langage, so it's not very funny at the beginning, ut after, so well. I really liked history and geography too, and sport. I really hated mathematics and sciences like chemistry or physical, except natural sciences. Nobody of my family or friend is actually at school.

my favorite subject in school was chemistry.
my nephew go to school.