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Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.


Language level

Beginner: A1


My favourite subject was Language. My older brother finished the Tertiary last year and my middle brother is in it still.

My favourite subject at school was physical education, I also liked history. Nobody from my family and friends don't go to school.

My favorite subject is Math, but i am a lawyer.
My younger brother started a first grade of business school.

My favorite subject in school was math, science subjects including physics, chemistry, biology.
my younger sister is still in secondary school she is still student in 3rd year.

My favorite subject is Math and for the time being there is no one go to school from my family members.

My favorites subject at school were English and Programming. Unfortunately I have no brother or sister.

My favourite subject at school was English , my sister go to school.

my favourite subject was Math, my niece go to school.

I do not have favourite subject at school. My highest average score in elementary school is map/blind map. It was part of geography. The smallest amount of time that needed to study when I was in elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school is mathematics. All my cousins are go to school. Most of my friends are from school and college where I study. The rest are from an English course where I had been studied and five offices where I was work. I work for a few months in each of four offices. One office I work for about five years, the longest and the last. So I can say all my families and friends are go to school.

My favourite subjects were biology and history. I have many friends that go to school.