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Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I like study all subjects.

I was interested in math at school. My daughter is in the first grade of primary school now.

My favorite subject was Math, because the teachers of my 10 and 11 year was very good. Actually, I'm not know anybody that go to the school.

Arabic , math and science

My favourites subjects at school were physics, math and history. My son and my daugther go to school.

My favorite subject at school was physics, chemistry and biology.
I didn't have any member of my family nor friend going to school.

my favourite subject is political science because I have been a student of political sci (Hons). yes, my little brother goes to school.

My favorites subjects at scholl were French ad History

My favorite subject in my collegue is math of course.

My favourite subjects in school were phisics and biology but unfortunately now I’m studying engineering . I’m studying English to IELTS test and I want to change my course after that and contnuing in dentistry in Canada.