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Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.


Language level

Beginner: A1


My favourite subjects in school were phisics and biology but unfortunately now I’m studying engineering . I’m studying English to IELTS test and I want to change my course after that and contnuing in dentistry in Canada.

My favorite subjects at school were history, literature and philosophy, but my profession when I was working was computer technician,. Now my daughters go to study at languages school, French and English, and my granddaughters go to study to a primary school.

My favourite subjects in the school were mathematics and physic.
My sons were to the school until 2016, they now go to the university in Canada.

My favorite subject at school was literature, English and art.
yes. my friend is a teacher and my family children go to school.

Your favorites subject at school were literature, English and art.

my favorite subjects are maths science and istory

My favourite subjects were mathematics, chemestry and sciences.

my favourite subjects were english and language. In this moment I don´t have any familiar at school, they are olders.

My favorite subject at school was History of Art. Yes they do. Most of my friends and family went to school.

My favourite subject at school was politics.
Yes, they do.All of my family went to school.