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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about shopping.


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I usually go shopping once a week.

Yes, I do. I go to shopping every week, when I have free time. Usually I do not pay with cash because I have a card and to me its most easy.


which different between bill and receipt?

Hello swzan

A 'bill' is the paper you send to someone when you want them to pay you. For example, if you repair the sink in someone's house, you can give them a bill so that they pay you.

A 'receipt' is the paper that you get when you give money to someone -- it proves that you paid.

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Yeah! I shop for food in the costeños' shop, in my neighborhood. I must buy food every day. Normally, I buy vegetables and fruits.

Yes, I do. I usually go for food once a week or sometimes twice when we are out of food in my house.

Yes i do.I go to the supermarket in weekend.
I buy all the food and sweet from market

Hi Guys,
Yes, I do .Actually, I go shopping al the time. ı need to food everyday. I go shopping when I finish my work. Exactly I buy some bread every evening.Because ı and my wife have dinnner with bread. I want to eat fresh vegatable.My wife occasionally goes to local supermarket. I always research cheapest the products. You can buy cheaper products İf you search. I recommend it everyone. have nice evening.

I occasionally go to our local supermarket to shop for food like canned fish or beans and etc or for shopping drinks like milk and ice-cream .I prefer to go shopping at the famous and reputable department store in order to get its weekly discount on the weekends. so I don t hesitate to go shopping there that time. this could be a great deal and I go shopping twice a month.

Yes I do.I do the shopping every weekends on Thursdays and I buy foods , fruits and vegetables and everything that are necessary for home during the week.