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Snacks and desserts in Britain

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for some snacks and desserts in Britain.


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Hi. I prefer eat deserts with less sugar, but sometimes i eat ice cream and cakes.

Hi!!! In my country, Colombia, It's usually eating cake or chocolate cake for dessert. But, It's more usually common drinking coffee after the meal!!!

I can't see the PDF files, why is that??

Hello Ervin88,

There are no .pdf files on this page. Not every page has them, I'm afraid. It is possible that we will add them in the future but we are a small team here at LearnEnglish and creating pdf files is quite a time-intensive task for us.



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I prefer to eat fruit as a dessert and actually trying to do so , they are healthier and does not fatten ,

I love desserts, I like to eat many kinds. My favourites are carrot cake, chocolate cake, ice cream and sweet pies. The typical snacks in my country are crisps, cheese, bred and hard fruits.

I do not eat cake, ice cream, sweets anymore

I like to eat ice cream in summer and biscuits in winter, also I like sweet pies.

I like to eat ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert . The place where I live the typical snacks are KHAGINE which is made by egg and sugar and saffron , it’s really delicious!!

I like so much ice cream. In Peru, there are more dessert like as suspiro a la limeña (sweet little desert wiht milk cream and sugar), mazamorra morada (made from purple corn), arroz con leche (a portion of bioled rice and milk). Such delicious!