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Transport 1

Do these exercises to improve your vocabulary and learn words to talk about transport.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


in my country, there are all kinds of transport.
I do use plane for travel far.

Actually I have most kinds of transport mentioned without ship, because I don't have the sea in neighbourhood. I usually use the most my bike and car.

I a place where I live people use to get transported by car I mean their own, and public transportation like buses and vans. buses can transport you intercity or even other cities.
People also using train which cover almost all city area through different stations.
taxi service are available it can take you where you want to go but still cost is very one to another depends on flexibility you obtain.
Plane services are one of faster options for long range distance but cost still higher than options.

I have a motorbike. I live in Srilanka

It takes almost a week to recover from a jet lag after a trip to the other side of the world.
_:(´ཀ` ∠):

I usually use a car, but when I visit other countries which are not connected by land, I use an airplane.

I usually use a personal car , in Iran there are all of them.

In my country, Iran, There are all of them. I usually use my car because there are not suitable public transportation.

I can use a bus, taxi or bike, but usually I use a bus.

In my country, I like bike or Motorbike. Because my city is traffic all day. The Motorbike is faster and more flexible than car.