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Do these exercises and learn some words to talk about the weather.


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I live in the middle east, the weather is very hot in almost the year. However, from october to march, the weather become acceptable to go out.

I live in Shiraz,Iran. There are four seasons, rainy, hot, cold, snowy. In my country, Iran, different cities have the various weather. For example, in summer, city like Tabriz is very cold, while Bandarabbas is very hot.

where i live, the wheather is warm, sometimes can be hot an sometimes can be rainy

In the city where I alive, the weather is warm because all time is spring. They usually call it "The city of eternal spring"... Medellín.

Hi guys,

My name is Johana, I'm from Colombia. In my country the weather is tropical. But, now I am living in Nederland and this is an amazing change for me. In this country, there are four seasons and the weather in autumn and winter is very cold.

Good morning, my name is Juan Carlos, I'm from Valencia - Spain. The weather is very sunny in summer.

In the city that I live the weather is hot on summer, cloudy in autumn, warm in spring and cold in winter. The weather is very variable in summer.

Hi Guys

My name is cuneyt. I live in Turkey. my country's wheather have four season. Even the weather is two or three kınd of season in turkey same times. For example, You can go skiing in near the mountain While you are swimming in antalya beach what do you thınk? is it fantastic?

Where I am living the weather is different in four seasons and we have all seasons weather
Springs the weather is windy and rainy and wet
Summer is sunny and hot
Autumn is wet and rainy
And winter is snowy and cold

I live in Hamedan /Iran.the city has been named the capital of Asian touism in2018 by UNWTO. hamedan attracts so many tourists all over the world each year as its fantastic see sights ,etc such as Alisadr cave as the world largest water cave. the weather is so interesting that some days a year you can experience the wonderful feeling of 4 seasons during a day.generally we have spring and summer autumn and winter.spring is so humid and rainy .summer its sunny autumn is windy and its snowy in winter.