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Do these exercises and learn some words to talk about the weather.


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Beginner: A1


My country has two season, rainseason and warm season. But now, in province where i live is warm. The temperature is 32 degree celcius.

Good afternoon everybody. In my country the climate is wet and hot in summer and foggy and cold in winter, because I live in a lowland called Padana (in Italy) that is far from the sea and was built from alluvial debris by Mother Nature.

What is the weather like where you live?

in my country the weather is of different types:
there is dry or desert weather
there is rainy weather
there is cold weather
there is hot weather
there is warm weather and my city the weather is warm or hot.

I live in Ahar in The Iran.
We have a very good weather in last month because we have very amount of rain, the weather was very lovely, and average temperature was under 20 degree Celsius.

In my country we have four season , summer , spring , autumn and winter in my city the weather are cloud and warm most time of the year I think the average temperature adrift eighteen degree celsius , from here I´ve never ever seen snow , I believe snow should be beautiful to see but terrible to feel .

In Venezuela, we have two periods (rain and hot), we don't have four seasons like in other countries. Right now, the weather is like hot and dry.

Where I live the whether is sunny and hot in the summer but it is warm in the winter.

Where I live now, you can see the 4 seasons in a day. This´s incredible.
I live in Castro city...Castro is in Southamerica in the Chiloé Island.

cold, hot, sun, warm, wet, dry,
fog, rain, cloud, storm, wind, snow

The wheather in my city is sunny in the morning and wram with some cloud in afternoon but in night its coldy