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Air travel

Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.


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Intermediate: B1


Yes I travelled by plane and I love it. The longest flight I have taken was from my country to Germany. It was 7 hours. But I enjoy it, because it was my first time in Europe.

I have ever traveled by air once. I went to Thailand with my colleagues on vacation. It took around 1 hour.

Yes, I travel by air very often. The longest flight took 7 hours from Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) to London (UK).

i didnt travelled along like u kno but i travelled to holland in 1 hour

Yes, I have already travelled by air. The longest flight was from Zurich to Auckland with a flight stopp in Singapore. The whole journey lasted almost 24 hours.

I have never travelled by air. However, I would like to do it one day.

No I have never traveled by plane, but maybe i will try it in this year, because I want to see my girlfriend which live in another country !

Yes, I have travelled by plane, the longest flight were from Egypt to Spain.

I love to travel by plane. Unfortunately in this pandemic period is difficult to do this. My last flight was from England to my country. You are flying about 3 hours. I was sad when I have been seen the airports with few people. Here I am talking more about the airport from UK. I know that all the time when I was flying to and from there was full with people. Now is sad with this pandemic period.

In Cristma 2017, I took a flight to Dominican Republic, my daughter and I took a plane Madrid to Paris, and then waited for 3 hours in France. We took another plain to Dominican Republic and when we landed in my home country, I drove about 3 hours by car, it was a large travel.