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Appearance 2

Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


John is a teenager. He has curly hair. He has beard not goatee. Last year he was bald. Because he was a monk. He is going to get married to my friend. He will have a toddler in 2025.


I need a information. In my llevel test, the result was 74% intermediate. How can i know if my leve is Intermediate B1 or Up intermediate B2?

Hello simonenmourao,

The level test on the site is only intended as a guide, providing an estimation of your level to help you choose material best suited to your needs. It's not intended to categorically assign a level to you. This is also true of the levels we assign to materials - they are estimations and guides, not fixed categories.


All levels in language learning are estimations on a continuous scale, and all learners have a blend of levels: they may be stronger at listening and weaker at speaking, for example, or have stronger grammar but weaker vocabulary.


The best thing for you to do is to sample different types of material and see how you find them. Look for material which challenges you without being frustrating. And remember that your level is constantly changing - hopefully moving up not down!



The LearnEnglish Team

I used to be a toddler and a teenager. ;)

i am going to describe my Fiance, he has hair on above his lips, and his cheeks. He also hase hair on the sides of his face and under his chin. He has a short hair and brown.

I'd describe my dad. He had a goatee. He was old, so he had grey straight hair.
He liked me whenever I did dreadlocks all over my hair.

I going to describe a man who is worthy in philosophy. Shortly he is bald and also homoseual.

he has big moustach and was bald with dark eyes.

The valiant pirate with a long dreadlocks, a moustache, a goatee and some beard below his goatee has been travelling throughout his life in the sea and saving people along his adventurous journey. Being an antagonist to his role, he stand justice against the wicked and help the poor and innocents.

The man in the picture has a frizzy grey short hair and a moustache just above the well- polished smoke pipe that sank between his lips. He is a man in his 40s that had discovered mass energy equivalence.