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Appearance 2

Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


When we were in intermediate school we use to have different activities wall news papers and monthly hand written magazines even in our daily assembly we use to have funny things like telling jokes, traditional dresses and many other things.
we use to paint different characters from our day lives like school carpenter who was long fat man with big beard , geography teacher with bold head
One of the things we use to do was acting in theater and we use to talk about particular historical characters were changing our dressings like using moustache, or beard, or pretend talking like toddlers

For sure, many years ago there was a famous actor who was bald and he had a moustache. He was married to a quite beautiful lady she had dreadlocks.
Also, they had a lovely toddler with straight black hair.
Do you know who that man is?

He has very short black hair with a goatee. His face is round and he always looks well kempt. He is my one of my best friends.

He is a famous person who has straight hair, brown colour. And also have a attractive moustache which is not very hairy. Guess who? It is me.:)

He has moustache and he has cruly hair

One of the football player from Celtic Club who is retired now was famous due to his dreadlock hair style. At the beginning stage of his career, he had beard and then later on in his mid 40's he kept goatee. However, he never have moustache before. He has a beautiful wife with long curly hair. Surprisingly, her daughter had straight hair when she was a child and then later on her hair turned curly when she reach the age of adolescent.

If I want to describe Donald Trump face, first and foremost I should say that he has a funny face with no beard or moustache neither goatee .He tries to hide his bald head with his thinning hair covering his head form one side to opposite side. However he could be unlucky in the windy days when his bald would be apparent even with a slight wind.

I have a toddler of 19 months; she is so cute and adorable. She has short curly hair like her father. I used to have dreadlocks, but I cut them and now I have bald.

I think i have beautiful face with moustache, no beard with curly hair maybe some body does not like this but it is suitable for me

I used to have long hair and I tried to change with dreadlocks. It was a dream
and finally, I changed to bald.