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Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


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Hi vanessa1,

Which mp3 do you mean? This page didn't have any audio resources on it other than the recordings of each word in the images above. Those are working for me -- are they not working for you?

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Hello everybody. I have a flat and there is only one bathroom there.. I cant have a house it's very expensive for my right now. I think some time I'll buy amazing house. Well, come back to my flat))) My bathroom is not big but is not small. There are Toilet, shower, and sink inside my bathroom. It's enough for me))) I am single (not married).. My day starts in this place)) Buy. See you latter))

I live in a small flat. I have two bathrooms. There is a little bathroom downstairs, near the living. It's got toilet, washbasin and towel. It's called here "the courtesy bathroom". It's for visitors, so I get used to putting cute towels and soaps. The other bathroom is into the bedroom. It has bath, toilet and bidet. It's for personal use and it's a little more untidy than the another one. I have my hair straightener, shampoo, condicioner and that kind of stuff things there.

As so? You have a little flat but your flat has two floor and two bathroom. either you have a not small flat or you have a House))) I think big house))

Hi Nikolay! It's really a small flat. It has only two rooms. One over the other. Downstairs you can find a living-room, a kitchenette in the same room, and the small bathroom. If you are a little bit thick person, you will wish not enter in it, because your knees will touch the base of the washbasin. And upstairs, just are the bedroom, and the other bath with shower, bathtub, etc. I guess if I describe my apartment someone can think It's huge, but It is not. And it is a flat, not a house. There are others flats identical smaller than mine, and they are part of a condominium. So, You can not choice the colour of the front, etc like a house. (Thanks for answer my post.)

Hello Liliana.... Can I name you so? I read you post.... I see you level English better then mine. I did not understand any words but I understood what you want to say... Where are you from? How old are you? How long have you been learned English??

Hello everybody,
In my country is not common have a bath just in hotels o big houses.

Hello everybody. Please tell what different BATH and BATHTUB ??

Hi NikolayB,

In British English, 'bath' can refer to both an object (the thing we take a bath in) as well as the activity of washing ourselves. If you follow the link, you will see several examples of how it can be used in the dictionary.

'bathtub' only refers to the object. In American English, 'bathtub' is nearly always used to refer to the object and 'bath' to refer to the activity, but in British English, 'bath' can refer to both.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion.

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In my country, the bathrooms are very simple. But some people also have the same as British bathroom. Mostly people only need a tap to get some water and a pail to assembly the water. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush are crucial things for taking a bath. Everyone need these to clean up their body.