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Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


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In my house there is one bathroom. It's a problem, because I live with others 3 people.
And I'd like have a bath to relax sometimes, but in my bathroom haven't it :(
Bath is expensive in Brazil, and usually only rich people have them.

Yes,toilet in my homeland is quite common in each and every home.we have a small is here since childhood.2+ tap,shower.toilet seat and shower in my region almost place different from each other.

Hello ,
in my bathroom there are everthing from this exercise ( tap , toilet , toilet paper , toothbrush , toothpaste , soap , towel , washbasin , mirror , shower and shampoo ) except one a bath , actually I have never ever use a bath , in my country bath are not common in most of houses just in houses that are high class .
by the way , in my house we have 2 bathrooms

I have only one bathroom in my house, with a washbasin, a toilet, a shower (which I prefer rather than the bath) and a bidet, in addition to mirrors, pieces of furniture, etc. During my travels abroad, I observed the bidet is absent in many countries: it's an use typically italian.

There is only one bathroom in my house.
Unlike other places, we Japanese have different kinds of bathrooms. There is no toilet.
Think of this as you have a bathtub in a shower room and bathroom itself is a washbasin.
This is one of the things I love about my country. I don't need to use shower curtains and worry about leaking!

One thing I feel sad when I travel abroad is that there are no hotsprings baths. In Japan, we have a custom that we are soaked in a hot bath tub or hot spring spa, all naked in the public. We don't mind getting all naked in front of other people, and getting in hot bath means getting very relaxed, good feeling, unified with the nature around you! It's not just for the health or making our bodies clean, but heart warming and relaxation. In that regard, I love Japan.

It's sounds great! I want to try it one day!!!

There is a bath, a toilet and a mirror in my bathroom. I used to relax in the bath once a week, in another day I prefer to use shower for washing.

My bathroom doesnt have something different .also I got in my house one bathroom

Hello! In My bathroom there are all that except the bath. I would like have one. In my house there are 3 small bathrooms. This page is wonderful!