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Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


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Does your bathroom have anything different? How many bathrooms are there in your house?
no very normal .. one bathroom

In my house our wash room and toilet are separate. But Now I am in the university. So in my hostel, all the bathrooms are attached bathroom. They have nice mirrors, showers, washbasin, ... etc. But we don't have bath.

Hellow.. guys am having a confusion in task 3 the first question which state that
things we put on our body....... and the answer is tap.
MYSELF i THOUGHT the answer is soap because we use it to wash our body and therefore we put it on our body when taking a shower. I don't understand how and why we put tap on our body....!

Hello Aisha,

In Task 3, which is an "Odd one out' exercise, you have to select the one thing that doesn't fit in the group. Everything else in that list you put on your body, so the correct answer is 'tap'. Does that make sense?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Does your bathroom have anything different? How many bathrooms are there in your house?
my bathroom have toilet, tap, shower, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, washbasin, towel, mirror which just one in my house.

In the modern bath rooms, we can see all the facilities mentioned in the lesson. All these facilities are available in my bathroom as well. There is not much difference except the Bath, which is not fixed in my bathroom. We use the shower instead of the Bath.

In my house there are three bathrooms, out of which two bathrooms are attached to each bedrooms and one is in the public area of the house for general use.

My flat has just one bathroom, a little one. it has a shower, a washbasin and the toilet. i wish it had a bath, i would love it.

In my house, there is no bathroom actually. We have a pipe that brings the water from the stream near our village and hen we want to have a bath, we just open the tap and wash. In fact, this is a poor village.

But know I am at a university. I live in a dormitory. There is a bathroom for each room. In the bathroom, we don't have any bath or washbasin.

I have one bathroom.In there, there are washing machine, hair dryer etc.

We have 4 bathrooms in our home, out of them three are attached with room & 4th one is shared with the hall, all the bathrooms have necessary equipment like shower, washbasin, tap, toilet, bath & all body using things in a cupboard that is hanged on wall.