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Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


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My bathroom has bath, shower, washbasin and toilet with nice mirror :)

In my house i have just one bathroom with bath, washbasin, toilet and washfeet. I like enjoy laying in the bath after a very tired day, so i consider that bathroom is the most important place in home.

well my bathroom didnt have a bath, we only have a shower and toilet

My home has three bathrooms. I usully use the bathroom which is at the same floor with my bedroom. My bathroom is small but it's enough to me. There has 2 showers, 1 toilet and does not have washbasin. I always keep it clear because it's the best place to relax when I come home after school time.

My house has only one bathroom and instead of bath there is shower in it. There is also one wash basin for washing my face and hands. A mirror fixed above the basin on the wall of the bathroom.

There is only one bathroom in my house. There is no bath in my bathroom, but have a shower instead. There is a mirror stick on the wall of bathroom too. The mirror is square in shape. There also have a basket hanging on the water pipe and inside the basket, there have a toothpaste and some toothbrush.

We have three toilets in our home. There are no bath just a shower. They are so clean. Mirrors are different in design and size. I usually use the toilet in the second floor, because its always empty.

our bathroom doesn't have any bath and it doesn't have enough space to have a shower.
we have only one bathroom

I have three bathrooms in the house. In India not most of the houses have a bath, They either have shower or tap. Usually most people use bucket and mug to take a bath as it requires less water.

I have a beautifull bathroom wit a bath and a separate shower. Also there is a washbasin etc... I enjoy the bathroom very much! After a busy day it feels like paradise...