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Bicycles and motorbikes

How often do you ride a bicycle or motorbike? Learn some vocabulary for speaking about your bike by doing these exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Daniel Tomasz,

Good for you -- keep it up!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi again,

The chain comes off mean that it outside of the gear, is that right?
Thank you.

Hi Kenny Alan,

When the chain comes off it means that it is no longer in the right place around the cogs, which are part of the gear. If you do an image search for 'chain comes off bike' then you'll see examples of this.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi team,

I practice the vocab exercises, I remember the word at the time I do. But after two days, I forget it. I have to review it every day, and this can be a serious problem when I learn a lot of new words. Could you give some advice?

Hi Kenny Alan,

One key to remembering vocabulary is repetition, so it's good that you are going back and looking at the items regularly. However, this is only one aspect. You also need to use the items - this will help to reinforce them in your memory. Try to use new items, even if it is only in sentences you make up and say to yourself as you go about your daily business. When I was learning a language I used to speak to my pet cat, who was a very patient listener! Using words really does help with the memorisation.

You can find some more advice on vocabulary, as well as other aspects of learning English, on this page.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter M. I think how to remember new words is everyone's problem. Thank you for your advice, should I get a cat as well? Does your cat have a baby-cat ? lol.
Im just kidding.
Kind regards.

No i don't have a push bike i used to ride to work but , when i became ill i couldn't ride it any more so i sold it.