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Body parts 2

What's the difference between your thumbs and your toes? Do these exercises to find out and to learn vocabulary for more body parts.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


I cut my index finger many times and now it is coverd by scars. I usually twist my fingernails, I know it is not good habit, I do it without thinking.

When I was a child,I had a habit of making the bed.One day I fell down and twisted my right arm.Therefore,I did not make the bed any more.

I can move just my left eyebrow.

I hit so hard the ball with my forehead, I had a headacke

I did something wrong with my wrist and a could n`t use my right hand.

I have injured my wrist at work.

I can pick up a handkerchief with my toes!

My toe was injured by broken glass, it wasn't a serious injury but it hurt so bad

When i was young i fall and injured my knee.

I sometimes injured a part of my body. And I just notice that it happened often in a sport practice. I injured my wrist in practicing judo. I injured ma ankle in playing basket ball. Now, I'm a runner and I injured my elbow last year and sometimes, my left hip hurt me.