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Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Intermediate: B1


Unfortunately, I don't know the driving car, but only the driving motorbike and bike , although I am 29 years old but I strive to learn a driving car.

Although I don't have my own car, I know how to drive. I got my driving licence many years ago. To be honest, I don't enjoy driving much especially when there is too much traffic, that usually happens at rush hours. Another thing I hate about driving is when I have to park downtown on weekdays because most of the time there are very few places and it takes ages to find one.

I like driving to travel from town to town or in countryside but in big town, like Paris for example it's quite difficult, we always have to be careful and pay attention to everyone sharing the road like motorbikes, bicycles, scooters and pedestrians...not a lot follow the traffic rules.

I like driving because it gives me time to look into the far distance and distraction. ;)

Yes I know how to drive and I drove so many times before. I have never been accident before but the country where I live most drivers don't follow the traffic rules. I think it is most important to take seatbelt while driving.

I can't drive

Yes. I know. What I like about driving is that its helps in exercising ones brain leading to physical and logical development.

I just know how to drive motorbike and bicycle. I think it is really difficult to drive a car. In my country where has a lots vehicles and transports, drivers of taxies and cars find some difficulties to move in. Some is so polite and always obeys the rules, others is rude and impolite. As for me, driving skills are so so important in daily life every person. When attending to drive, I just hope everyone always obeys the rules in transportation to protect your safety and for community

Driving is very essential in our life. We gain lots of opportunities to learn from own mistakes and others. At the same time It teach us how to be patient while facing difficulties. you can see individual differences . some are very polite and follows driving rules, in other hand some are not following rules.
It is all about common sense, if you have a good sense of humour you will be a good driver, We can avoid accidents. in order to gain confidence we need to drive regularly. Do not afraid to drive, it is an essential life skill.

I do not know driving completely. But i like safe driving. as it is necessary in day to day life. Driving helps in making us dependent. if you know driving, you can go anywhere . it saves our time and we can help our family member and others also. the disadvantage of the driving is we can see more vehicle on roads. which causes environmental issue, noise pollution and heavy traffic on roads.