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Driving is a must have skill to survive in Western countries. I am driving car since 2009 and I have mix kind of experience. I must say it is life saver especially during bad weather such as in winter or scorching summer. However, one should also consider its drawback such as high maintenance, high cost petrol ( we say "gas" in USA and Canada), and of course not eco-friendly. The most irritating situation is when I have flat tyre in the middle of storm or heady snow flow. Besides all these, I still love driving car.

To admin,
Please make some comments. what is right spelling of wheel: tyre or tier ?

Hello piyush_bpin,

In the UK we write tyre, while in the US the standard spelling is tire.

Tier is not correct.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you. Which one should I use during IELTS exam?

Hello again piyush_bpin

Both British and American English (as well as other varieties) are accepted on the IELTS exam, though as much as you can, you should be consistent about using one variety.

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I like driving as my work place is a bit far from my flat, I like driving because it give flexibility any time or any place with get tied with schedule.
However I dis like using car because it makes you lazy and dependent I mean to say for long short distance people use to be moved by car while they can walk or bike, using car now a days is effecting enviroment by producing lot of fumes and toxic gasses which lead to global pollution.
there other financial issues related to car uses like monthly installments, fuel consumption, insurance, toll free, licensing, services, road and parking fines and regular service fee.

I have got my driving license since 20 years ago. Hence, I am a skilled driver. I like to drive when the weather is good and cooling. I had a bad experience of driving during a summer in Australia when temperature hit 40 degree celsius. The condition on the road was very dry and hot making it very dangerous for the driver.

I've just got my driving license for cars a week ago (I've already been having one for motorbikes for around 5 years) and it's a really amazing, but at the same time, sometimes really frightening experience to drive so far. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really prepared for unexpected situations yet, but in normal traffic conditions, I think it goes quite well.

I'm a woman and I really enjoy being able to drive a car. In this fast-paced modern world, I think it's a really huge advantage, and it gives lots of freedom knowing that I can drive anywhere, anytime and that I don't need to depend on other people if I need to do a big shopping and so on... :)

Although I still need to practice a lot as a beginner car driver, I'm sure that being able to drive is a wonderful thing, which gives us much more freedom and flixibility as we don't need to depend on public transport schedules and change buses several times to get from one point to another. We can save lots of time as we don't need to stand in the bus stop waiting for the bus to come, thus we can fill our days with more useful activities.

The world has been changed and the way we move have been changed too , the new generation does not interresting in learning how to drive a car , they don´t need anymore , they call for Uber now , it is more practical , easy and cheaper than own a car, and in the future they will share a AI car´s without a driver .
It´s very different from formerly where the dream of every lad were to own a car

I don't like very much driving but it is necessary to be independant in moden life.


Actually driving is very amazing experience, every one should to learn how to drive car, go fast across the street seeing trees mountains seaside and people.
When you want to arrive to your an appointment at time you have to drive car to reach to your place as soon as possible.