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Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Intermediate: B1


It is good for us that we should know how we can call them in English

No, I do not know to drive but I want to learn because I think it is very useful for a better life, especially when you live in a big city like capitals.

Hey, How can I look for a speaker for practice English?

I believe there is no such thing caller "speaker". You find a topic and stand in front of a mirror and start speaking to yourself. or you find a topic and record your conversation in your phone as you speak. Later on, listen to your own recording and try to improve it. For quarries, write a post and admin will help you out at his convenience.

Hello Bahy

I'm afraid that will be difficult to do here on LearnEnglish, as our House Rules don't allow you to share personal information. I would recommend you check out Facebook page, where they sometimes post ideas on how to find other people to practise speaking with.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Yes. I drive for about 14 years. Whether it's good or bad it's hard to live without a car. I like driving because I can go anywhere independently. It's very crushing nerves in rush hour and at the time of the accident.

I have a driving license since the year 2009 so I know very well how to drive. Usually I like driving my car but sometimes I don't like it, for instance if it is rush hour in the city centre or a rainy day.

I don't khow how to drive, but i hope I'll have a driver's license someday))

We have a signal then we turned by the var on the road

The activities are nice. For me is not difficult to pay someone a compliment. I like to accept compliments.
In the video the dialogue is too fast for my understanding. But in the text this dialogue was clear.