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Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Hi, Mr. Soroush though I'm also a student like u learning English I believe we can correct each other for a little we know. The mistake I'v seen in your sentence is in the last sentence ... The sentence should be I love my car and a'm spending more time on driving.

Hello mr. soroush,

Thank you for your comment. We read every comment which is posted and reply to as many questions as we can, but we do not correct posts on the site. We have many thousands of users and only a small team running the site, so it is simply not possible for us to provide such a service.



The LearnEnglish Team

This is my first comment in this website. Im gonna learning how to drive car to get a licence. My friend told me how to back up a car between in 2 other cars to park is the most difficult part. Do you agree?

Yes I think so, I can drive since long time ago, and this part is the most difficult yet. ;)

Yes, i know drive car. I have driving license for 5 years. I think my driver skill is very well for the other people. Because when i drive watching and analysising other cars and pedestrians. May be it tired me but i feel be safe

Yes, I have a licence for car driving. You should sit on the driver seat, fasten your seat belt, set the mirrors, press start button, and then slowly move whit care.
The most interesting feature of driving is you can move fast. Crazy drivers made me annoyed in the street.

I was just 18 years old last year.Consequently,I do not have driver license as far.However,I deem that I will be fond of driving car.In my opinon,I am probably influenced by Father because he always drives our families to serveral places that are wonderful and owesome.SO,I hope I could also bring my families to travel as my father in the future.

I didn like in the driving a traffic jem. But when we stay alone from our home, we like an own car.

i don't know how to drive, i intended to get driver license last year but it was delayed because of some objective cause.
I like driving because it makes me more confident and can help me earn more money.

I like driving and I've already had a car. The best thing was driving on a road to trip, and the worst thing was traffic.