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Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Intermediate: B1


Yes, I know driving and I do enjoy driving but for short distance and rides for long distance. Driving car saves time, makes life easy and is cost effective when more people travel together. On the other hand car is a death machine! A slight error can have drastic repercussions. Even if a person is confident on his/her own skills, one should remember that there each driver has his/her own skill expertise and limitation. Speed driving is fun but remember "Speed Kills". Safety first!

I love driving cars! I got my driving license back in 2000 when I was a college senior(Unlike most westerners we, Chinese, don't get a car as high school present, and household cars were rare until the last decade). It give me the freedom to travel around and keep company with me when I was alone. I still have had the vivid memory of the excitement of the self-drive trip to a hot-well resort with my girlfriend as soon as I got my driver license. Now I can say that I cannot live without a car in the parking lot even though most people around us think the metro is more convenient and quicker.

Yes.i drive motorbike but not very good.i'm planning to learn driving car.furthermore,i really enjoy journey especially a longish journey.driving,on the other hand,i like while not far more is quite boring.

I can drive a bike, a car, a bus and a truck too. And I dislike bad roads and drive a bike when it is raining hard.

I like study English with British Council.

I drive a car veri well. I like drive not only a car, but I like drive a bike

i don't know how to drive a car! but i know how to drive a motobike!

Hi folkes !
Yes , I can drive , I have been driving since 1995 , yes I am old I know . and I really like to drive , the most thing I like about to driving is freedom to go wherever you wanto to go , even better if you were in a new car .
and what I dislike about driving are the bad drivers around me on the traffic jam , doing a lots of wrong things people who doesn´t respect traffic laws and cause accident

I don't drive but i dream about it all my life

I enjoy driving very much. Especially good car, listening to good music and on the good road, in a good weather. I try to keep my car in a good condition, not only for comfort, but for safety too. Because a driver must see everything clearly through his windscreen, use his headlights and turn signals and everybody on the road can see your car.