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Learn words for different containers by doing these exercises.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


The containers that I use the most are packet, carton, tube and bottle.

I usually eat packets of biscuits. In breakfast, I drink milk of carton. Bottle I use for drink water and the tube when I use de toothpaste.

the most I use jar for jam and honey, bowl for berries or sup. Also I use jug for milk or water.

A bin for jam, a carton for milk, a bottle for water, a tap for food, a bowl for flakes... ~~旦_(∩_∩ )

I use jar and bottle the most. They are for milk and yougurt.

I often use the tub. I put my butter in this container. So, I usually open it in the morning at breakfast. The same for the jar, where I put the jam

I use a tub for food, a carton for milk, a bottle for water...
BTW, 'tin' 'can' sound funny!
A tin can be magnetic, but a can can not!

I use every single one of them except for the tin.

I use usually bottle about drinking water in my desk, in my house I use a lot of containers, tube for Toothpaste, and bowel for eating, jug for drinking...

In our industrial world, there are a lot of different containers and we use all of them. I personaly use a lot of jar because I eat a lot of seeds.

I see all the containers and I use all of them.