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Learn some vocabulary for talking about football by doing these exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


Yes, sure. I like football and I was footballer when I was young but no a good footballer. I am fan to Valencia CF and in this year it will player the Champions League against Manchester United, Juventus and Young Boys. I think is a very dificult group to pass next session but in our stadium can win because the fans encourage the team a lot.

I really like football. It's very interesting ana exciting. I root for Barcelona and CSKA. These teams are my favorite.

I don't like the football because I have observed that is a violent game, and I prefer another kind of game.

Hi people!! I was a football fan. It is no longer an original game. When I was a kid, football was an interesting game with players playing with passion. Nowadays everything revolves around money.

Since I was a child and my father took me to see a match in their stadium, I have been a fan of Numancia, Soria's team in Spain. And I am very happy at the moment because they have just qualified to play the promotion matches towards first division in La Liga.

I am not football mad but I like to watch world Cup Football tournaments.

yes, I m a football fun.My favourite club is Real Madrid.İts team of galaxy.İts best team on the world.They won the cup of Champions League three years in a row.This is a record in the football.

I like to play football,my favorite team is Bayern Munich.

Football is my favorite sport. I always play football with my friends on Sunday mornings. In Brazil I like Corinthians but rarely I watch his matchs. It is the better Brazilian team in my opinion, I enyoy to watch Champions League and it is a competitive league. When I was a child I did a football school and I dreammed be a football player.

Hello ,
I don´t like football and I don´t care about it , actually football annoying me because in my country everybody look to like football very much , they talk about football everytime , everywhere , on tv they only broadcasting football , on newspapers them only talk about football too . Now even more in this football world cup year , and because nearly Russia world cup I´m not going to turn on tv .
And the other hand I am really formula one fan , I just love it