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Kitchens 2

Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


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Intermediate: B1


Hi ,

In this exercise I have been noticed that some pictures the " speaker" button does not work , for exemple : fridge or microwave


Hi Shiiya,

I've tested the page and the audio links are working correctly, including for fridge and microwave. I can only guess that there is some local issue with your connection which prevented all elements on the page from loading correctly.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone !

The most thing that I use in kitchen is sponge and sink because I am in charge to wash the dish every day , i like to do it .
And We haven´t got toaster and dishwasher in our home , actually the dishwasher isn´t common in our country

The most thing I use in the kitchen are the sponge and the sink. My husband is in charge of cooking, then I have to wash up. It's a good deal for me because I hate cooking.

I use my frying pan and microwave oven, toaster especially it the morning, when i cook my breakfast. I use microwave oven to heat something and frying pan to fry my eggs. My dishwasher i use every day! Its my favorite kitchen staff. I like cook different tasty soaps. in this order i use saucepan. when i need to wash something quickly i use the sink and sponge, adding some special liquid. in order to cook bread or fish and chicken i use oven. After i finish cooking and eating and before using dishwasher i put all unfinished food into the disposer. This modern thing helps to utilizate all biological waste not using the bin. Bon appetite!

I don't use the dishwasher every day because I read that it damages the dishes.
I have 4 different rubbish bin because in my country we must divide the trash.

You can find a mark on the other side of the dish about cleaning in the dishwasher and microwave oven.

we use the most fridge, bin, sink, oven, sponge, saucepan and frying pan in our kitchen.
there are tea maker, cabinet, carpet and a desk that they are not i that list.

In my kitchen, I use every day sink, sponge, fridge and rubbish bin.
I don't like use dishwasher because i think it uses a lot of electricity.
In my kitchen there is also a wood-burning. I like so much cook!

...dishwasher, freezer, fridage, microwave, oven, tin opener, toaster.
...bin, frying pan, saucepan, sponge, sink